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Reviews & Testimonials

What Our Customers Say

Our customers and their level of satisfaction is a true reflection of our business! If you’ve had us out for a recent visit, we encourage you to share your experience with us.  Check out some of our recent HVAC service and installation testimonials below!

Ralph C.


Your technician Joe deserves a pat on the back for the terrific job he did on my tuneup. He was nice enough to answer all of my questions, and very professional!

Constance M.

Agawam, MA

I wanted to let you know I was very pleased and satisfied with the work your technician, Joe Madru (hope I spelled his name correctly) performed in the installation of my new thermostat on 1/22/16. He was very thorough, checking furnace connections in this process. He also performed the inspection of a noise on my furnace on 11/12/15 and again got everything back in working order. With the installation of my new thermostat I have seen a big difference in the stabilizing of temperature setting without the temps going up and down which I experienced with the old thermostat which seemed to make my furnace work overtime to control the temperature setting and I am sure I will see a reduction in my utility bills as a result. Along with his technical expertise , Joe is easy to communicate with and I wanted to share all of this with you.

Heidi M.

Ludlow, MA

Thank you for making my day easier! I called this morning because I did not have any heat. The person on the phone was very friendly and helpful. Within a few hours someone went to my home and resolved the problem. You offer a great rate and a fast response time. I will definitely recommend Berkshire Heating & Air Conditioning and continue using them in the future.

Sam T.

Chicopee, MA

So today… Tony and Ed show up to clean my oil furnace burning chamber and change the filter on the oil tank.

My observations:

Completed a very,very thorough job of cleaning both the upper and lower chambers of the furnace.
Changed the nozzle to the correct size for my burner (previous co. Had installed wrong size.
Cleaned all components associated with the nozzle, ignition elements, burn chamber
Blew out all oil lines and cleaned out all impurities.
I have an sealed inline heat reclaimer which i use to heat my entire cellar. Ed recommended it be taken off to inspect the flue to ensure there is no blockage, which may cause a backflow of gases. At first i was reluctant to do that because no other previous oil company/burner service company recommended it.

As uneasy as i was… I told Ed to take it off for the inspection. Now….. I have been living here for 35 years and… In that time no one had suggested a ‘Flue Inspection’. What we found was dirt,dust,leaves,branches and soot had accumulated over the past 35 years and was upwards of three feet deep and had partially closed the opening of the flue.

Tony cleaned it out and after ed’s inspection, they continued on with, by far, the most thorough inspection,cleaning and testing of my heating system i have received in 35 years!!

When completed, they recharged my system and educated me on proper settings for maximun efficiency. During this whole process, Ed found my backflow check valve was leaking and needs replacing. Ed is getting me an follow up estimate of that repair/replacement. When they got all their tools,etc back in the truck and, completed a final inspection, the furnace area was so clean….. It was as if they were never here!!

I am very,very impressed with their professionalism, product knowledge and attention to detail. Thank you so much. Be sure to forward my thanks to Tony and Ed; both valuable assets and representatives of your firm.

The "V" Family


We had a terrific experience again with Berkshire on Dec 1, 2015. My husband arrived home to find we had no heat. He called Berkshire and was put on the emergency list. Within a few hours the technician arrived, the problem was rectified and the heat back on. Over the many years we have had service with Berkshire we appreciate the knowledge, professionalism and patience of each technician and customer service representative that we have dealt with. Thanks!

Robert & Catherine V.


Brian was every bit honest, responsive and pleaseant. Jeremiah Bartula the plumber discussed our alternatives prior to our work with Brian and was incredible, informative and helpful – his work was impecable! All of his assistants were conscientious and polite. The work site was left utterly cleared and cleaned. We would highly encourage others to go right to Berkshire Heating and Air Conditioning for all their heating and cooling needs.

Ken G.

South Hadley, MA

I’m a new customer of Berkshire Heating and Air Conditioning. I recently purchased a new Lennox AC system from you and had some unrelated duct work completed. Both of these services were done professionally and as quoted. Today, I had a technician at the house to perform a tune up for my heating system. The gentleman’s name was Don Todd. I must tell you Don was the epitome of great customer service! He was not only personable, but very knowledgeable, professional and extremely thorough. When I told Don this was my first time owning a gas furnace, he took the time to explain what he was doing and why. What a great teacher! In short, I found Don to be an outstanding representative of your company.

Beth D.


Brian was great to work with! He was very willing to work with us and always responded in a timely manner.

Pastor John Chase

New Life Baptist Church

We appreciate work done by professionals, but all professionals do not do professional work. I observed your men each day they were, as well as talking to them. THEY ARE PROFESSIONAL. Thank you.

William P.


Excellent installation – on time (10 min early) cleaned up at completion – great crew.

Gilbert and Linda M.


Our entire experience with the selection and installation of our new Lennox a/c was pleasant and efficient thanks to your responsive office staff, your knowledgeable and industrious technicians and your estimator, Brian, who facilitated our selection process in every way.

Esta F.


Everyone was wonderful! Brian, Mike, Jose, and David!!

Warren B.


Great Job, I would recommend your company to friends and family!

Judith P.


Great Job. They were very efficient and cleaned up everything. Thank you!!

Ken O.

Springfield, MA

I would like to commend the Berkshire Heating & Air Conditioning team for your efforts on the recently completed project here at KEN’S PARKING. I noticed and appreciated your attention to detail and relentless determination to get the job done in a timely, efficient and very professional  manner. You should be extremely proud of your workmanship. I consider it to be second to none and could not be more pleased. In closing, I again would like to recognize and thank each and every one of you for your superb workmanship in completing the task at hand, here at KENS!

Robert J.

Springfield, MA.

When people do good work I believe it should be acknowledged which is why I am writing this letter to you. I had been having trouble with my furnace not working right and had two different companies sent out by Columbia Home Solutions to look at it. Neither one of them was able to find the problem. Fortunately, when I called them again they sent the work to you and you sent Gio to my house and he was able to find the root of my troubles in no time and said he would order the part to fix it. After the part came in, Edward came out to install it, made some adjustments and once more my furnace is running as it should.
Should I have any problems in the future, when I call Columbia I will insist that they call Berkshire to do the service work on my furnace.

Linda B.

Springfield, MA

Kudos to Douglas Macy (Sales), Jose and Tim (Installers), and Frank Woodfine (Electrician) for courteous and professional services!! I am very pleased with everyone at Berkshire Heating and Air Conditioning! Thank you very much and may you enjoy continued success!

Patricia, G.


Great group of people if they can do Mass Mayhem…fixing your heating and air conditioning problems will be a breeze.

Lisa C.


They are an awesome and amazing group. Should I have any problems in the future, when I call Columbia I will insist that they call Berkshire to do the service work on my furnace.

Jami Lamy

Springfield, MA

From start to finish, we are so pleased with Berkshire Heating and Cooling! Professional, affordable, performed beautiful work and didn't leave a mess, friendly, timely, and COVID-conscious. I trusted all of them (Xammy being a terrific lead) being in my home and would recommend them to anyone in need of a new furnace!



Sean did an excellent job here at our home today. He was very professional and courteous. Thank you Sean for keeping our ac running smooth!



Andrew explained everything so that I understood what he did and answered all my questions. He was very personable and customer service oriented. Great worker! I have always said that Berkshire is the best around and have been quick to recommend to anyone looking for service. Keep up the great work—from the office to someone’s home 😊👍

Susan L.


Thank you for coming out as quickly as you did. Josh was exceptionally helpful and took extra time answering my questions.


East Longmeadow, MA

I’ve never had any home contractor leave my house so spotless….thank you!


West Springfield, MA.

Last week, you sent Joe to do my furnace maintenance. His courtesy and thoroughness reminded me why I keep working with your company. Keep up the good work.

Dan M.


Just a short note to inform you that I was happy and impressed with both your service tech – Bob Bison and your operation in general

Scheduled A/C Tune-Up. Called prior ti and tech arrived on time. Bob was professional in all aspects of job. He checked everything according to the book and when finished explained what he did and found. As a prior service manager of a public utility I can truthfully say you have a real good tech.

Nancy P.

Ludlow, MA

Being a customer of Guardian Care, I contacted them on March 10, 2014 for a problem that I was having with my furnace with the pilot light going out at least three times a week and the smell of fumes. It seemed that I no sooner got off the phone and Ihad a knock at my door from Berkshire Heating from your West Springfield office to inspect my furnace to find out the problem. The technician who did the inspection was Carey Scott. All though I did not like the news that he told me, I respected his professionalism and honesty because deep down inside me, I knew I probably needed a new furnace as mine was very old. Carey allowed me some time that day to figure out what I wanted to do but advised me that he had to “red flag” me due to a heat exchanger. He kindly explained along with a diagram of what a heat exchanger looks like and exactly what happens when it is old. He also quoted me a price on a new heat exchanger and a new furnace and told me up front that he may not be even able to find a compatible heat exchanger since my unit was so old. I needed a couple of hours to digest it and he allowed me that time to get back to him with my decision which of course was to have a new furnace put in my home.

Within two days, Carey and another gentleman named Alex came and did the installation and I would like to let you know that they worked continually and hard. They left no mess and cleaned up after themselves and were very considerate of getting any dirt or debris in to my home or on my floors . Unfortunately, there was a little issue where they had to come back a couple of times due to cold instead of hot air coming out of the registers but Alex came back the night the furnace was installed and worked diligently for me to get heat. That worked for a while but stopped throughout the night where I had to call the office and Carey was back here first thing in the morning to give me some heat. He had another job to go to but Alex came and worked on some things and Carey came again after his scheduled appointment with another person. They got it to work but again, after a couple of hours, I had to call back and again, Berkshire was here so quick and this time a different technician named Erik came and finally figured out the problem and fixed it along with explaining to me what had happened. I LOVE my new furnace and it seems to be working great and my only regret is not getting all the technicians last names that came to my home so you could tell them a job well done. I am sure you can get that information from the West Springfield office.

I wanted to express my sincere thanks for the technicians that came to my home along with your office staff in West Springfield. They were all so professional, knowledgeable, thoughtful, and considerate. Their customer service was excellent and as we all know, now-a-days, that is hard to find. I hope your company appreciates the workers you have. Word of mouth goes a long way and a company’s reputation will always follow them. Having the workers or staff that you have is a huge plus for you. Your company will always be No. 1 in my eyes and the best advertisement is through word of mouth.

For any consumer who moans and groans because they have to put a new furnace in and don’t want to believe the technicians, then shame on them. No money is worth anyone’s life. I am glad there is a law to “red flag” consumers and I am so appreciative for that law. Something real bad could have happened to me and my family. And, I am sure many people could have lived from carbon monoxide if they would only listen to the workers who are skilled in their trade.

Scheduled A/C Tune-Up. Called prior ti and tech arrived on time. Bob was professional in all aspects of job. He checked everything according to the book and when finished explained what he did and found. As a prior service manager of a public utility I can truthfully say you have a real good tech.

Dan M.


Just a short note to inform you that I was happy and impressed with both your service tech – Bob Bison and your operation in general

Scheduled A/C Tune-Up. Called prior ti and tech arrived on time. Bob was professional in all aspects of job. He checked everything according to the book and when finished explained what he did and found.

As a prior service manager of a public utility I can truthfully say you have a real good tech.

Thank you.



Brian was friendly, knowledgeable & thoroughly professional. My husband & I hope he is assigned to us again!