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New Furnace Sales & Installation In West Springfield, MA

Furnace Installation Service For Homeowners and Business Owners

Berkshire Heating & Air Conditioning is a multifaceted and well-respected HVAC company that offers a range of services to West Springfield, MA. Furnace installation, furnace repair, and new air conditioners are all specialties of our team. If your home isn’t as warm as it used to be, if you are having trouble with your furnace, or it is noisy, then we can get started on a new installation. Our team has years of experience and is licensed, bonded, and insured for your peace of mind. For our hard work and diligence, the Better Business Bureau consistently bestows an A+ rating on us. We have a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on all furnace installation, ensuring peak customer service from our team. Lastly, we have generous financing for those who qualify. Get started today.

We Help You Choose The Best Furnace For Your Home

At Berkshire Heating & Air Conditioning, we excel at helping our customers choose the best furnace for their homes. We take what could be a difficult choice and make it simple. We are available for advice throughout the process, and we give honest assessments of your needs. We will balance performance, size, brand recognition, and your current setup. For instance, if your home currently has ducts, a ductless system will not make much sense unless you retrofit your house. We take all of these factors into consideration before making a recommendation.

The Telltale Signs of Furnace Breakdowns

Fortunately for homeowners, there are more than a few telltale signs of furnace failure. The key for homeowners is noticing these issues and being proactive to avoid a total shutdown. After all, nobody wants to lose heat in the dead of winter suddenly. We recommend maintenance calls before the fall hits to ensure your system is functioning as it should. Even if you do not get professional maintenance, there are things you can look for, including:

  • Your Furnace Is Over 15 Years Old: Whether you are having problems or not, a furnace that is over 15 years old is nearing the end of its lifespan. We highly recommend getting in front of the issue and getting a replacement before it inevitably fails at the worst possible time.
  • Your Energy Bills Have Risen: Your furnace is one of the most significant energy consumers in your home. You are most likely very familiar with your average energy costs during the fall and winter months. Have you noticed a dramatic rise? This may be an issue with the furnace.
  • Your Home Is Not Warm Enough: Is your home consistently cold even when the heat is on? This could be a sign of a failing furnace. Another related sign is uneven temperatures from room to room in your home, which is also a telltale sign of furnace issues.
  • Abnormal Amounts of Dust: If you have noticed an excessive amount of dust in your home, then there is a chance your furnace isn’t doing its job. Before calling Berkshire Heating & Air Conditioning, check the furnace filter. Sometimes all you need to do is change it.
  • Strange Smells or Sounds: Furnaces should never smell – aside from the smell of a gas furnace kicking in. And while they will never be noiseless, you shouldn’t hear banging noises or anything similar. Both of these symptoms are common among failing furnaces.

Advantages of New Furnace Installation

There are numerous benefits to upgrading your HVAC system. While the initial cost might hurt your budget to some degree, newer furnaces are far more efficient, leading to lower utility bills. You won’t have to worry about repair costs with a new furnace either. As far as your comfort goes, a new furnace will be exceedingly efficient and will heat all rooms of your home equally and accurately. They are less noisy than older furnaces as well. And if your home has air quality issues, installing a new furnace will make a huge difference. Lastly, new furnaces are more energy-efficient and possess a lower carbon footprint.

We Provide Furnace Repair Services

Once you have had a new furnace installed in your home, you will want to engage in a few simple maintenance tasks to keep it running smoothly for the long haul. Furnaces can last for up to 15 years, but only if they have been adequately maintained. We can help. For instance, once a year and before the winter season, contact us, and we will inspect your system. The most crucial aspect of furnace maintenance is not waiting when you discover a problem. It can grow worse, so hiring a professional to repair the damage quickly is essential.

Contact Us Today For New Furnace Installation

We have been installing and repairing furnaces since 1971. Our long and storied history is filled with satisfied customers who have enjoyed high-quality furnaces for years. Our team is experienced and has the expertise to identify issues and recommend the right furnace for your home. Contact us today to get started on your new furnace installation.